How To Zoom In On Hp Laptop?

To zoom the screen of your laptop with the keyboard, you need to press and hold the “Ctrl” key and then, press the “+” button to zoom in and “-” button to zoom out.

How do you zoom in and out on a laptop?

Hold down the “Fn” key and press the “Space” bar to zoom in or out on the laptop. Press the “Space” bar to toggle through the different zooming options.

How do I enlarge my laptop screen using the keyboard?

How to zoom in on a PC

  • Open the browser of your choice.
  • To zoom in and out with a keyboard shortcut, hold CTRL and press the + key to zoom in.
  • Hold CTRL and the – key to zoom out.

How do I Unmagnify my screen?



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How to Zoom Out on a Computer Desktop : Basic Computer


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How do you zoom out on a laptop keyboard?

Press and hold the Ctrl key and scroll the wheel on your mouse up to zoom in or down to zoom out. For example, you can do this now to zoom in and out on your browser.