How To Put Kodi On Laptop?

How do I put Kodi on my laptop?



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How to set up Kodi on your PC – YouTube


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How do I download Kodi on my Windows laptop?



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How To Download and Install Kodi On Windows 10/8/7 [Tutorial


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How do I put Kodi on my Windows 10 laptop?

To start, head to the Microsoft Store and search for the Kodi app. Once you’ve opened the main page, click the ‘Get the app’ link at the bottom to download Kodi. (Don’t worry: it’s available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.) From there, double-click to download the installer.

How do I install exodus on my laptop?

  • Go to Kodi Home Screen > System > Add–ons > Install from Zip File.
  • Locate and Click ‘Kodil Repo’ >
  • Install from Repository > Kodil Repository > Video Add–ons > Exodus > Install > Wait for the Exodus add-on to install. Enjoy streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

Can I watch Kodi on my laptop?

Kodi for can be installed on both Windows x86 and Windows x64 devices. You can install Kodi on a Windows Phone A Windows PC / Laptops even Windows Tablets. Kodi can be installed from the Windows Store or by manually downloading and installing the EXE file.

How do you watch TV on Kodi?

How to enable live TV on Kodi

  1. Click on add-ons in the Kodi sidebar.
  2. Hover over my add-ons in sidebar.
  3. Select PVR clients.
  4. From the list, select the relevant PVR client for your hardware.
  5. Click install.