How To Connect Jabra Elite 65t To Laptop?

How do I connect my Jabra Elite 65t to my computer?

Navigate to the Bluetooth screen on the device (TV, cell phone, android box,etc), set to pairing mode. Then hold down the main button while the earbuds and turning on. You will hear a voice prompt “pairing” and a new device will come up on the screen for you to select.

How do I connect my Jabra Bluetooth to my laptop?

How to Connect a Jabra Earpiece to a PC

  • Plug the Jabra earpiece’s USB adapter into the USB port on the PC.
  • Place the Jabra earpiece next to the USB adapter.
  • Power on the Jabra earpiece by hitting the power button on the side of the device.
  • Press the pairing button on the adapter for 10 seconds until the light on the adapter turns solid blue.

Can Jabra elite connect to laptop?

No, we do not recommend you pair your Jabra Bluetooth device directly with a computer. Jabra Bluetooth headsets are optimized to be used with other Bluetooth devices, such as, smartphones or tablets.

How do I put my Jabra 65t in pairing mode?



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