How To Reset Asus Laptop Windows 10?

How do I reset my Asus laptop to factory settings Windows 10?

Start by booting or rebooting the ASUS laptop if it was already on.

As soon as the ASUS logo appears on the screen, press F9 which will allow access to the hidden partition.

On the windows boot manager window that is launched after pressing F9, you should press the Enter key.

How do I factory reset my Asus laptop?

Power on or reboot the ASUS laptop. When the ASUS logo screen appears, press “F9” to access the hidden partition. Press “Enter” when Windows Boot Manager appears. Choose your language from the options and click “Next.”

How do I reset my password on my Asus laptop Windows 10?

You just need to select the Windows 10 and select the user which you need to reset the password for, and then click the Reset Password button. A pop-up dialog will ask if you want to reset the password, just click Yes to agree. After the password is reset, click Reboot to restart your Asus laptop.

How do you reset a Asus laptop if you forgot the password?

Method 1: How to Reset Asus Laptop Password with Other Admin Account

  • Step 1: Power on your Asus laptop and login to the computer with a different administrator/guest account.
  • Step 2: Now press Windows Key + R together to launch the run program.
  • Step 3: Type “compmgmt.msc” to open the computer management window.