How To Insert Memory Stick Pro Duo Into Laptop?

Can you put a memory stick pro duo in a laptop?

Some computers, as well as other electronic devices, come equipped with card readers automatically.

However, the kind of Memory Stick you have (such as a Memory Stick Pro Duo, for example) may not be directly compatible with your computer.

It is best to have this knowledge in hand one way or another from the beginning.

How do I transfer photos from Memory Stick Pro Duo to computer?



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Video: How to Transfer Still Images to a Computer Using Memory


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How do I install a memory stick on my laptop?

Using a Built-in Card Reader

  • Insert the SD card into the laptop card reader slot, typically designated by “SD/XD” or other types of memory cards.
  • Open Explorer by right-clicking on the Windows “Start” button. Click on the drive letter that represents the SD card reader to see the files stored on the card.

Is a Memory Stick Pro Duo the same as an SD card?

Memory Stick PRO Duo has the same SD-like form factor as the original Duo, but allows for much higher capacities and transfer speeds, about on par with SDHC cards. The highest capacity card is currently 16GB. Memory Stick Micro aka M2 is the tiniest end of the line, comparable to a microSD card.1 Oct 2008