How To Change Internal Battery In Hp Laptop?

How do I remove the internal battery from my HP laptop?

Follow the steps in this section to remove the battery.

  • On the bottom of the notebook, slide the battery release latch into the release position to partially eject the battery. The release latch is identified by a battery icon.
  • Lift the front end of the battery and remove from the computer.

How do I replace the internal battery on my laptop?

First, turn the laptop upside down and remove the screws around the panel you need inside. Set these aside and then pry the top up with a flat screwdriver. Now you will see the CMOS battery, remove this with the tab that is on top of it. Remove the battery from the area it’s at and then replace it with the new one.

How do I change the internal battery on my HP Pavilion laptop?



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What is internal battery of a laptop?

Every laptop computer has at least two batteries–a removable one that you charge through a power supply and then discharge when your laptop is in use without being plugged into a power supply, and one attached to the laptop motherboard that maintains the CMOS settings when your laptop is not connected to any power

How do I remove the CMOS battery from my HP laptop?

Removing the CMOS battery

  1. Remove the rear cover.
  2. Remove the two Philips #2 screws securing the motherboard shield to the PC.
  3. Tilt up the inside edge of the shield and pull it off the unit.
  4. To remove the CMOS battery, pry it up out of its socket and lift the battery off the motherboard.

What will happen if CMOS battery is removed?

Removing the CMOS battery will stop all power in the logic board ( you also unplug it too). If a computer is having boot loops or is frozen and there is no other way to restart the computer then unplugging it and taking out the CMOS battery will take out any remaining code in the RAM of the system.

Can a dead CMOS battery stop a computer from booting?

You will not find this advice on the web that the CMOS battery could be the culprit because as they explain, “The purpose of the CMOS battery is to only hold date and time. A dead or weak CMOS battery will not prevent the computer from booting. You’ll just lose date and time.”

Does the CMOS battery need to be replaced?

If your PC displays errors about the clock or CMOS when starting the PC, the CMOS battery on the motherboard probably needs to be replaced. Desktop PCs use a battery to keep time when the they are off, much like a watch. Like a watch, the battery needs to be replaced when it runs low on power.

Can you replace the battery in a laptop?

If your laptop has a user-serviceable battery — that is, one you can remove on your own — you can replace your battery fairly easily. If your laptop doesn’t have a user-serviceable battery, you’ll need to contact the laptop’s manufacturer so they can crack your laptop open and change its battery for you.

What kind of battery does my HP laptop need?

The HP 4400mAh laptop battery has a 10.8 voltage charge and 4400mAh capacity along with six cells to keep your PC powered wherever you go. It’s compatible with G50, G60, G61, G70, G71 and HDX 16 laptops.

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Where can I buy a HP laptop battery?

Order a replacement battery online through the HP Parts Store

  • Go to the HP Parts Store.
  • Under Buy certified HP genuine replacement parts, select the desired country/region and language.
  • Type your Serial Number, Product number, or Product name in the field and click the Search for a part button.

How do I take apart my HP Pavilion laptop?



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