How To Watch Hbo Now On Laptop?

There isn’t an HBO NOW app for PC or Mac computers.

Instead, open a web browser, navigate to and sign in.

If you don’t have an account, go to and choose Start Your Free Trial.

Can you stream HBO on your computer?

Activating HBO Go to Watch on a Computer. Go to in a web browser. If you subscribe to HBO Go through your TV provider, you can use this method to start watching shows and movies on your computer. If you want to activate HBO Go for an external device like a smart TV, TiVo, or Roku, see this method.

How do you use HBO now?

Subscribe on a phone or tablet

  • Open the HBO NOW app and then tap the Profile icon.
  • Tap Subscribe Now (iOS) or Start Your Free Trial (Android).
  • Complete the form to create your HBO NOW account. Going forward, you’ll sign in to HBO NOW using this email and password.
  • Start your subscription.

Does LG TV have HBO now?

HBO GO is available on LG Smart TV models 2016 and above with the operating system 3.0 and above. To install the HBO GO app on your LG TV: Visit the LG Content Store. Navigate to “Apps & Games” and search for “HBO GO”20 Mar 2019

Why won’t HBO now work on my computer?

Videos won’t play on

If you were able to play videos in the past, close all apps and restart your computer. Sign in to and try playing a video again. If videos play successfully in a different browser, check your browser configuration, including: Make sure third-party cookies are enabled.

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How can I watch HBO for free?

7 Ways to Watch HBO for Free

  1. Hulu is one of the streaming services that offers HBO as an add-on.
  2. Prime Video includes a handful of HBO shows.
  3. AT&T’s WatchTV is yet another streaming service that offers HBO as an add-on.
  4. HBO offers a ton of content for free on its website.

Is HBO now free?

HBO Now costs a flat rate of $15 per month. It’s a stand-alone package, which means it doesn’t require a cable subscription to use. HBO Go, on the other hand, is free with an HBO subscription — but that’s the only way to access it. The vast majority of users access HBO Go via a cable or satellite subscription.

How do I get HBO now on my TV?

Cast from your phone or tablet

  • Set up Chromecast on your Android or iOS device.
  • Turn on your TV and open HBO NOW.
  • Start playing a video.
  • Along the top of the player, tap the Google Cast button.
  • Choose the device that you want to cast to.

How long is HBO now free trial?

one week

Why can’t I get HBO now on my Samsung Smart TV?

Here are some steps to try if you’re having another issue with HBO NOW on your Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Step 1: Update HBO NOW. See if there’s an app update for HBO NOW.
  2. Step 2: Restart your Samsung TV. Turn off your Samsung TV.
  3. Step 3: Update your Samsung TV. Update your Samsung TV firmware.
  4. Step 4: Delete and reinstall HBO NOW.