How To Remove Cmos Battery From Laptop?

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How do I remove the CMOS battery from my HP laptop?

Removing the CMOS battery

  • Remove the rear cover.
  • Remove the two Philips #2 screws securing the motherboard shield to the PC.
  • Tilt up the inside edge of the shield and pull it off the unit.
  • To remove the CMOS battery, pry it up out of its socket and lift the battery off the motherboard.

What will happen if I remove the CMOS battery?

If the computer is running while it is removed nothing will happen, until you shutdown the computer and try to start it again. Most computers will refuse to boot to the OS and you will have to enter Bios and correct/save the Bios settings first before you can start the computer normally again.

Where is the CMOS battery located on a laptop?



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Can a laptop work without CMOS battery?

You can generally run your PC without the CMOS battery as long as your default CMOS parameters are compatible with the operating system, or as long as you manually set the appropriate CMOS parameters after every time the system loses power.