How To Remove Battery From Asus Laptop?

How do I take the back off my Asus laptop?

Asus Vivobook Q301LA-BHI5T02 Back Cover Replacement

  • Step 1 Back Cover. Make sure the computer is turned off.
  • Remove the four 5mm Phillips #1 screws from the top of the laptop.
  • Use a plastic opening tool to gently pry the bottom of the laptop up.
  • Lift off the cover and remove the back cover from the device.

How do I remove the battery from my Asus x555l laptop?

  1. Step 1 CD Drive. Remove ten 18mm Phillips #0 screws from the backside of the device.
  2. Open the laptop.
  3. Fold the faceplate upwards towards the screen to fully expose the inside of the laptop.
  4. Step 4 Battery.
  5. Lift up battery and remove.

How do I remove battery from laptop?

Turn your laptop over so the bottom is facing up. Locate the battery latch on the bottom of the laptop. The image above shows some of the more common battery latches found on laptops. To remove the battery, slide the latch switch to the opposite side and hold it in that position until the battery is released.30 Dec 2019

Where is the battery Asus laptop?

Use the plastic opening tool to separate the top cover from the laptop. Start by prying on the front of the laptop. Continue prying around the cover and end just under the screen to release the front cover.

How long can Asus laptop battery last?

The life of a Li-ion battery is approximately between 300-500 cycles. Under normal usage conditions and in ambient temperatures (25℃), the Li-ion battery is expected to discharge and recharge normally for 300 cycles (or about one year). Afterwards the battery capacity will drop to 80% of its initial capacity.

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How do you do a hard reset on an Asus laptop?

Power on or reboot the ASUS laptop. When the ASUS logo screen appears, press “F9” to access the hidden partition. Press “Enter” when Windows Boot Manager appears. Choose your language from the options and click “Next.”

How do I check the health of my laptop battery?

How to check your laptop battery health (Windows 7, 8, and 10) Click Start button and type cmd into the dialog box and hit enter. Next, type powercfg /batteryreport and hit enter. The Design Capacity is the original strength of the battery and the Full Change Capacity is performance you are currently getting.

How do I find out what my laptop model is?

How to find your Computer Model Number in Windows 8

  • Open a Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and tapping the letter X at the same time. Then select Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Type the command: WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME, then press enter.
  • Your computer’s model number will then appear below.

What is the price of Asus laptop battery?

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What is the problem if laptop is not turning on?

Drain the computer of electricity

Disconnect the AC adapter and remove the battery. Hold down the power button for thirty seconds to drain any residual power in the laptop. Without replacing the battery, plug the AC adapter back into the laptop. Press the power button to turn on your laptop.

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What to do if laptop is not starting?



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Can I use laptop without battery?

You can use a laptop without the battery as long as it is connected to the power brick and an outlet. but if the plug comes lose at all by just enough your system will turn off and can damage files and the OS even.