How To Measure Laptop Screen Size?

What are the dimensions of a 15.6 inch laptop screen?

Laptop Bag Size Guideline

Diagonal laptop (inch) Diagonal laptop (cm) Size Laptop Bag to Choose (inch)
14.6″ 37.08 cm 14″
15″ 38.10 cm 15″
15.6″ 39.62 cm 15″
17.3″ 43.94 cm 17″

5 more rows

How do I find out the size of my laptop screen without measuring it?

A simple way to finding your laptop’s screen size without measuring is to check your laptop’s model specifications. These specifications would either be on the casing you bought it in, available from its user manual or you can check the cover on the bottom of your laptop to see if they are there.

How do you measure screen size?

The screen size calculator is here for you to calculate it right away.

Basic formulas looks as follows:

  • diagonal² = height² + width² – from pythagorean theorem.
  • AR = width / height – it’s aspect ratio.
  • area = width * height – area of a rectangle.

How big is a 14 inch laptop?

14 inch (Diagonally Measured) Widescreen (16:9 Ratio) Size 12 3/16×6 7/8 inch (310x174mm) Сomputer Privacy Screen Filter for Laptop LCD Computer Monitor, Anti-Glare. Check Your Monitor Size.