How To Wipe Dell Laptop?

How do you do a factory reset on a Dell laptop?

To factory reset your Dell laptop

  • Press the Windows logo key and i on your keyboard at the same time.
  • Click Update & Security.
  • Click Recovery.
  • Click the Get started button under Reset this PC.
  • Click Keep my files if you want to keep your personal data, or click Remove everything to remove everything on your system.

How do I wipe my Dell Latitude laptop?

Press and hold the “F8” key on the keyboard as soon as the computer starts up. Release “F8” once the “Advanced Boot Options” menu pops up. Navigate down to “Repair Your Computer” on the options screen and press the “Enter” key. The arrow keys must be used to navigate the options menu.

How can I clean my Dell laptop?



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Best Way to Clean Your Notebook (Official Dell Tech Support


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How do I wipe my Dell laptop back to factory settings?

Press the < Down Arrow > on the keyboard to select Repair Your Computer on the Advanced Boot Options menu, and then press < Enter >. Specify the language settings that you want, and then click Next. Log in as a user who has administrative credentials, and then click OK. Click Dell Factory Image Restore.

How do I do a factory reset on a laptop?

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How to Factory (Hard) Reset a Laptop or Reinstall Windows 10, 8 or


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How do you wipe a computer clean to sell it?

On a smartphone or tablet, use the Factory Reset option. On Android, open the Settings screen, tap Backup & reset, and tap Factory data reset. On iOS, open the Settings screen, tap General, tap Reset, and tap Erase All Content and Settings.

How do I do a factory reset with Windows 10?

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How to Reset Windows 10 to Factory Default – YouTube


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What should never be used to clean an LCD screen?

That’s all there is to it: blow off the loose dust, only use microfiber, and never use any cleaning fluid but distilled water and/or white vinegar cut 50/50 with distilled water. In doing so, you’ll avoid the liquid damage, scuffs, scratches, and clouding that have sent many a monitor and television to an early grave.

How do I wipe my Dell computer without a password?

Part 3: Factory Reset on Dell Windows XP Laptop without Password

  1. Restart your Dell computer and then keep pressing “ctrl + F11” till you see Dell logo appearing and disappearing.
  2. Click on “restore and then “confirm”.
  3. Resetting process will begin.
  4. Once the process is completed, click “finish”.

How do you clean a Dell computer screen?

Wipe the LCD screen gently with a soft, dry cloth. If any marks remain, moisten the cloth with LCD cleaner, and then gently stroke the cloth across the display in one direction, moving from the top of the display to the bottom. Be sure the LCD screen is dry before closing it or using the computer.