How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not?

How do I check if my laptop fan is working?

Turn your computer on.

Depending on the type of laptop, you should be able to tell where a cooling fan is located and where it blows the hot air out.

Place your ear up to that point in the body of your laptop and listen for a fan.

If it is running, you should be able to hear it.

How can I tell if my HP laptop fan is working?

If your HP Pavilion is getting too hot, make sure its fan is running efficiently.

  • Checking the Fan.
  • Flip your laptop upside-down and place it on a clean, flat surface.
  • Shine a flashlight into the vent on the bottom of the computer and look to see if the cooling fan is spinning.
  • Getting to the Cooling Assembly.

How do I manually turn my laptop fan on?

Locate the “Fan Settings” section. The arrow keys will change which option is highlighted. Press the “Enter” key to select that option. The fan settings will normally be located under either “CPU,” “Hardware Monitor” or “Advanced.” Find one of these and press “Enter” to look for the fan settings.

Why my laptop fan is not working?

Fan Failure

One of the most common causes of the “cooling system” message is a malfunctioning cooling fan. Your laptop fan could stop working if it becomes too clogged with dust, or suffers damage from an accidental drop. Use some canned air to blow dust out through the air vents.

How can I cool down my laptop?

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How do I fix my laptop cooling fan?

To fix this error, use the following steps:

  1. Press Enter to clear the message and allow the system to boot to the Windows Desktop.
  2. Shut down the computer, and then inspect and clean the exterior vents to remove dust buildup by blowing air through the vent openings.
  3. After you remove the dust, turn on the computer.

How do I test my fan speed?

Navigate to the “Power” tab (or something similar) in the BIOS screen, and then select “Hardware Monitoring,” “System Health,” “PC Health Status” or something similar. You will see the speed of the CPU fan (usually measured by “RPM”), as well as the CPU temperature.

How do I test my HP laptop?

Run the Fast Test (about 4 minutes)

Hold the power button for at least five seconds to turn off the computer. Turn on the computer and immediately press Esc repeatedly, about once every second. When the menu appears, press the F2 key. On the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics (UEFI) main menu, click System Tests.

How do I know if my laptop is overheating?

Signs of Laptop Overheating

  • The fan is constantly running and making loud whirring noises.
  • The computer is struggling to perform basic tasks like opening a new browser window.
  • Mysterious error messages are popping up in random programs.
  • Lines are showing up on your laptop screen (a sign your video card is overheating)