How To Access Bios On Dell Laptop?

To enter BIOS, you simply need to enter the correct key combination at the correct time.

  • Turn on your Dell computer or reboot it.
  • Press “F2” when the first screen appears.
  • Use your arrow keys to navigate BIOS.

How do I get into BIOS on Windows 10 Dell laptop?



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How to access BIOS in Windows 10 (in Dell / Asus / HP etc.) – YouTube


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How do I enter BIOS?

Common keys to enter the BIOS are F1, F2, F10, Delete, Esc, as well as key combinations like Ctrl + Alt + Esc or Ctrl + Alt + Delete, although those are more common on older machines. Also note that a key like F10 might actually launch something else, like the boot menu.29 Nov 2019

How do I get into the BIOS on a Dell Inspiron n5010?

How Do I Access the BIOS Setup on an Inspiron?

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. Press “F2” during boot when the “DELL” logo appears. Press “Fn”+”F1” after the computer has powered on if “F2” does not work. The BIOS menu will display with a list of options.

How do I get into Windows BIOS?

In order to access BIOS on a Windows PC, you must press your BIOS key set by your manufacturer which could be F10, F2, F12, F1, or DEL.

Method #2: Use Windows 10’s start menu

  • Access your Windows settings.
  • Select “Update & security”
  • Select “Recovery”
  • Click “Restart now”
  • Select “Troubleshoot”
  • Confirm your restart.

Why can’t I access my BIOS?

Unfortunately, because the BIOS is a pre-boot environment, you can’t access it directly from within Windows. On some older computers or those deliberately set to boot slowly, you can hit a function key such as F1 or F2 at power-on to enter the BIOS.